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Year 5

Welcome to Year Five




with Mrs. Rushton and Mrs. Dolman. 



Year 5 wrote a story to finish off the year. Here is one for you to read, the others are on the Year 5 display board on purple mash.

Welcome back to the second half of the summer term! I hope you had a fantastic week and are all well.  Do let me know all about the fun you had over half term.  I know some of you camped out in gardens, canoed on the canal, spotted all sorts of birds including robins and house martins, went fishing, looked after your sunflowers which are now really and tall did lots of baking!  If you've done any of these things or something different please let me know on class dojo as I love to hear all about it and help inspire others with new ideas.


This half term you can continue with the power challenges or take a look at the all new water world challenges if you fancy something new.


Keep going with your daily purple mash work, exercise and reading and new for this half term, look out on class story on class dojo for a new class book that I will read to you, posting a chapter each afternoon.


Take care, stay safe, healthy and active and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Here are the optional home learning tasks relating to water. I have saved it as a PDF so that the hyperlinks work, but if you have any problems please let me know.

Summer Term Power Challenges


The Power challenges are optional home learning tasks that you can complete over the summer term.  They cover many areas of the national curriculum and give you the freedom to show your learning in any way you choose.  I have suggested a way to show your learning for each area, but you can choose a different way if you want to.  You might want to make something, draw something, use photographs, create powerpoint slide shows, write poems, explanations, draw pictures etc. the choice is yours.  Please share your projects with me by telling me about your learning on the blog on purple mash or sending me messages on class dojo.  I will then share the fantastic examples of home learning here on our class page on the website and on the display board on purple mash.  Have fun!

Power - optional home learning tasks

We’ve sorted and fixed a number of games and puzzles.

Rebecca investigated the way in which different countries are run and produced an informative powerpoint!

People Power II - the Queens of England by Owen.

This week we are thinking about VE day and Owen has produced a stunning and informative powerpoint presentation!

Power Production by Alfie - Tuesday 21st April 2020

This afternoon I have learnt all about the power of wind turbines and how they use the wind to make electricity then I decided to make a wind turbine with lego, it was really windy outside and it turned round lots. Here is my picture.

Power production by Alfie

What should we do?


Now that you are at home try to stick to a timetable similar to the one we had at school by completing the following activities daily.


  • Complete your normal before school routine including eating breakfast.
  • Check your alerts on purple mash - there should be an email each day advising you on the work to complete.  You may also have some 2do tasks set.  (The email will also be available on class story in ClassDojo in case you can not access purple mash.)
  • Complete the reading, writing and maths work set in your green book.
  • Have a break between each task to get a drink and stretch your legs. (Challenge yourself with 2 minute challenges - how many star jumps can you do in 2 minutes?  Or squats, or press-ups?  You could keep a record to see if you can improve each day!)
  • Help make the lunch and tidy up.
  • If possible have some time online to complete purple mash 2dos and play TT rockstars and Numbots.
  • Spend at least half an hour reading.
  • Complete any additional challenges set on purple mash or a Water World or Power Challenge (these will relate to the wider curriculum usually taught in the afternoon).
  • Spend an hour doing something you enjoy that does not use the internet (drawing, singing, dancing, playing music, colouring, crafting, playing a board game etc.)
  •  Update your blog with details of what you have done and how you are feeling.
  • Continue your usual evening routine, staying in touch with your friends and family!

Next week is the half term holiday!  Well done to every single one of you for completing a very unusual half term of year 5.  Take a few moments to think about all the learning that you have done over the past five weeks and give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back.


Next week I will be working in school so I will not be sending tasks to you each day.  Instead, I have listed some ideas of things you could do below.  However, it is half term so do make sure that you have a rest and a break from the screens too!


Firstly, a fantastic blog post from Freddie’s Mum with lots of virtual trips hyper-linked in for you to explore:


So some of us went on some great trips to different museums during the school holidays so I found some virtual museum tours for you to go on.

We visited Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery but they have added lots of activities which you might find fun on their website.

The British Museum in London has lots of things to do and see.

Visit the famous Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Or the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

The Louvre in Paris is home to some very famous paintings, can you name any?

The Boston Children’s Museum is in America but has lots of fun things to do on the website too.

How about a virtual trip to the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium?

My favourite out of all of these is the Roald Dahl Museum. Have you read any Roald Dahl books whilst school has been closed?

Finally if you are interested in space or would like to take a closer look at the Hubble Space station visit NASA for a virtual tour.

I hope you all have a great time on your virtual tours and really hope we can go on some actual day trips soon.

Thank you to Freddie’s Mum for all those wonderful ideas!


Calling all Harry Potter fans!  Can you escape this virtual escape room…


Who can send me a power challenge?  Who has the power to complete every power challenge?

So far I have seen pictures of healthy meals, powerpoints and videos on the royal family and a wonderful castle, wind turbines created out of lego and cardboard, information on volcanoes and hurricanes, different ways of showing the way your home is powered and comparisons to a Victorian home and one diary.  But still nothing on the power of prayer – any takers?

Look on the power display board on purple mash and our page on the school website for some examples of the amazing work done to date!


Many people have been reading while at home and would like recommendations of different books to read.  Please let me know what you have read and whether or not you would recommend it to a friend.  I have sent you a book review template on purple mash which you can use if you want to or you can write it in your green book or type it on the blog.


You could spend some time perfecting your game on 2DIY3D for the purple mash competition.  (See this document for all the details.)


Look at the wide-ranging array of activities on offer at Oak Academy, an on-line resource built by teachers to support schools during this difficult time.  Over the weekend they will be posting half term activities for you to explore.


Finally, look after your sunflower and let me know how tall it is!


Stay in touch on class dojo or the blogs on Purple Mash and let me know how you are getting on.


Have a super half term break and stay safe and well!


Mrs. Rushton

Stay safe and stay in touch Year 5!

Thank you to everyone who did some extra work on the Egyptians at home. Every project was interesting and there was such variety, well done!


Have you looked on Purple Mash recently or played TT rockstars?  Try to go on each of these every week to practice your maths skills.


I have sent home a list of year 3/4 words which all the children in Year 5 should be using and spelling correctly in their work and a list of year 5/6 words which we will be learning throughout year 5. We do not have spelling tests in class, but we do use a selection of the words from the list every week in dictation sentences to help the children learn to use and spell the words in context.  Any practise that they do at home with these words will be of great benefit!  They could try writing them in different colours or styles, grouping the words by word type, meaning, length, letter patterns, or try creating word searches or cross words for their friends to solve.


Please look at this page regularly for updates of what we have been doing (Year 5 diary) and reminders of upcoming events.


A timetable and yearly overview are also attached for your information.



Weekly routines. UPDATED!


Please note that Year 5 have completed their swimming lessons for this year.  Well done to all those who swam in clothes, it looked like hard work!


Year 5 have PE on Wednesday afternoons.  The school PE kit consists of a plain white t-shirt, plain black shorts or joggers and trainers.  A plain black tracksuit top can be worn in cooler weather when we are outside.  Please ensure that all items are named.


Reading books are to be taken home and read every night (except Wednesdays) and returned to school the following morning so that they can be read in school aswell.  (Please make a note in the reading record book to show when reading has taken place.)


Reading comprehension books are sent home on Wednesday evenings.  One reading comprehension exercise is to be completed and the book returned the following morning so that the work can be reviewed in class. 

Year 5 diary
This week in Year 5

We enjoyed a science lesson about fractals.

We’ve been making model shafufs.

Previously in Year 5.

We enjoyed some new PE activities.

Began thinking about the building of pyramids.

We took part in a motivational workshop.

We investigated water erosion.

And began thinking about the Ancient Egyptians.

We made a recycled nativity scene.

The ice skating pictures aren’t great, sorry!

We thought about different aspects of the nativity.

Thank you to everyone has bought a bag, keyring or taken advantage of our special offer and purchased both! They will be sent home on Wednesday in homework bags to keep them safe.  If you would like to buy more, we do have stock available. Just send in a note with your money so that I know what you would like.

We have finished our bag danglers/keyrings

We looked at magnetic force in science and sampling in geography.

We learnt about Nelson Mandela.

Still image for this video


In our French lesson this week we opened a French market stall to help us with our number work .All the children loved using the euros to pay for their shopping.

An Ancient Greek murder mystery was solved.

We located the World’s biomes.

We looked at plant and animal life in each biome and Freddie was a science star by making the connection between evolution of animals and the way plants adapt to different environments.


Year 5 also wrote their own Greek Myths this week in which they starred, with most of them slaying a monstrous beast!



We congratulated Cai on his cricketing achievements.

We all enjoyed the circus skills workshop.

Year 5 experienced a couple of lessons at Brownhills School

Year 5 Timetable