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Autumn Term

Year 1 Curriculum- Autumn term.


At Millfield, our curriculum is based around

"Repeat, Revisit, Remember"


Instead of doing a set topic every half term, our curriculum is designed so that we repeat topics every few weeks.


Below are some of the specific things we are doing this term in each subject:


Literacy (writing) 

  • A plethora of short stories to develop sentence structure.



  • Following RML



  • Place value
  • Calculations



Weekly change of topics ranging from the following:

  • Plants (wild and garden)
  • Deciduous and evergreen trees
  • Categorise animals
  • 5 senses
  • Categorise materials
  • Light sources
  • Observe sounds
  • Electricity- appliances


Topic Geography (focus on Continents and oceans)


Topic History (focus on Mary Anning and dinosaurs)


Music: (singing and performing/ Listen and appraise)

  • Singing at the Christmas concert.
  • Understand musical terms such as pitch
  • Families of instruments



  • Munch (pastels)
  • Drawing skills: Noses



  • Mechanisms (sliders and levers)



  • Recognise different relationships



  • Safety
  • Computer science


Languages (French)

  • Greetings
  • numbers 1-5



  •  What is a deity?
  • How do we celebrate?



  •  Movement Skills