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Look what we've been up to January 2019

We built “houses, McDonald’s, bridges, towers and castles using the coloured shaped blocks today.. Look at the concentration on our faces 👀

Tuesday 29th January - enjoying learning how to play the ‘rabbit hole game’ and ball skills with Mr Bates today.

We went on the minibus to Holland Park today! One of the most fun ways to help improve our physical development. 🚌

Thursday 24th January - exercising our arms by brushing the snow ❄️

We baked cakes in nursery today. We added different coloured food colouring to our cake mixture to see what happened!

We enjoyed using our fine motor skills to thread beads onto pipe cleaners to make bracelets or “monster truck key rings”

Afternoon yoga 🧘‍♀️ using our special colour changing lights!

We balanced, climbed, ran and jumped on the field today! We had lots of fun practising our physical development..

We baked cakes in nursery to celebrate Leyton birthday! 🎁 🎂

We welcomed Brodee, Matei and Logan into nursery!