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Spring Term

Year 2 Curriculum – Spring Term


At Millfield, our curriculum is based around

 ‘Repeat, Revisit, Remember’

Instead of doing a set topic for each half term, our curriculum is designed so that we repeat topics every few weeks.


Below are some of the specific things we are doing this term in each subject



Literacy (writing)

  • ‘Dream Giver’ – Write stuff lessons and a continuation story
  • Descriptive Writing - Comparisons of different characters (Puss in Boots/Ogre)
  • ‘Taking flight’ sentence/vocabulary work


Guided Reading

  • Comprehension skills VIPERS
  • The Kind Moon (poem)
  • Rock Pools (information text)
  • Vikings (information text)
  • Toy Shop (story)
  • On top of the world (Information text)
  • The Owl and the snake (story)
  • Friends (poem)
  • Guinea Pigs (Information text)
  • The lady of Stavoren (fable)



  • Arithmetic tests
  • Times tables – 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x
  • Word problems



  • “Paper is made from wood” - De Bono’s hats lesson
  • Plants
  • Structure of plants
  • Wild and garden varieties
  • Differences between bulbs and seeds


Topic – Geography

  • Wales (Cardiff)
  • Weather
  • Land use
  • Features
  • Map reading – coordinates





  • Artistic trade
  • Weaving and Dying
  • Drawing and Sketching skills
  • Drawing trees



  • Labelling the body



  • Change and Loss – dealing with emotions



  • Gymnastics at Invoke gymnastics


Design and Technology

  • Levers and axels
  • Can we make a vehicle that will transport and egg?



Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar