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Wednesday 2nd October 

we had a lovely sunny Woodland session today digging for treasure.We also had lots of fun jumping off the tyres .

First Woodland Wednesday session for 2019/2020

Outdoor education at Millfield Primary is a high priority from Nursery to Year 6.   Our very youngest children spend at least half a day a week outdoors doing Woodland Wednesday, reception children do tulip Tuesday and thistle Thursday where they have the opportunity to explore our woodland area. This is on top of free flow time where they can choose to be outside daily.  By the time our children leave us, our year 6 should be competent journeying on water in canoes and kayaks, be able to ride mountain bikes on a variety of surfaces be competent navigators on the hills, being able to read a variety of OS maps and navigate using compasses and be able to complete at least a 15km walk.

It is expected that all children take part in residential experiences leading up to a whole weeks camp under canvas by year 6 where they are expected to plan and cook their own food for their tent. This taking place in the Autumn term.   To enable this, the school has invested heavily in providing  our children with quality equipment from thermal underwear to quality Canadian canoes and mountain bikes.

 Year 2 start off with a 1 night indoor camp in the winter and a 1 night outdoors camp on the school field in the summer term.

year 3 and 4 do 2 nights camps in October and year 5 do a 3 night camp, also in October at a local camp site.

Year 6 do a weeks camp at a scout camp in September and then have the opportunity to go for a multi night camp in one of the National Parks where they can test their navigation skills.



Latest camp September 2019

New parachute tarp
Cave exploration
Self initiated big art
Year 6 cooking for group
Group cooking from own recepies
Group cooking
Group cooking
Afternoon walk to test map skills
Rest stop at stream
First try with carving
Concentration on knife work to make a mushroom
Log rolling
Rest time
Children make own lunch
BBQ first night
Foraging results
Log splitting using a frow
Children select camp spot

Outdoor education

Junior camp 2015

Walking in the Peak District

Still image for this video

Camping in Wales

Still image for this video

Trip down the River Severn

Outdoor camps

Bread making in school wild area
Resting while climbing Kinder Scout in the summer
Kinder Scout
The top of Kinder scout
Year 5 Autumn camp
Night activities at camp
Hammock training
Traditional breakfast
Natural fence building
Mountain bike training around the camp