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Drama Club

Millfield is excited to present our new show......

Full Script with songs

Audition Script

Tuloa Tagaloa

Where you are (Part 1)

Where you are (Part 2)

How Far I'll Go

We know the way (part 1)

Where you are (reprise Gramma Tala)

How far I'll go (Reprise)

You're Welcome

  We are adding in a song I Need a Hero by Bonnie Tyler

  Please see the link below :

  Bonnie Tyler - I Need a Hero (Lyrics) - YouTube

Shiny (part 1)

Shiny (Part 2)

Shiny (playoff)

Logo Te Pate

Song of the Ancestors

Tuloa Tagaloa (reprise)

We know the way (Finale)

Drama club will be on Mondays after school until 4.30pm


All main characters will be needed at rehearsals every Monday.  Please practise the songs and learn your words.  All the songs have been posted above and a copy of the full script is available as well.











 Our best momements from the year so far...