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Year 5

ARCHIVED PAGE - Please note that this page is not from the current school year and is therefore out of date and will not be updated.  To access up to date pages, follow the links on our home page.

Welcome to the Summer term in Year 5


Welcome to year 5



A warm welcome back to children and families for this last half term of year five. This half term Miss Stringer will be completing her placement in class and then she will be a newly qualified teacher. She has been a tremendous asset in the classroom and we wish her all the very best for her future career. 

As the previous term was so short (a mere 17 days!) we intend to spend another two weeks focussing on Shakleton before we move on to our new Topic of Shakespeare , more specifically Hamlet. 

 In science we continue with our theme of living things and will be learning about reproduction in plants and animals , this will be alongside our SRE content which will be outlined to families later this term. 

 In Maths , we will be focussing on perimeter and area as well as learning about how to manage budgets , banking and finance . This is one of the most important areas of maths as it uses practical , real life application that we hope the children will remember. 

As always , if you have any questions or queries, please dont hesitate to call in for a chat. We are always open to suggestions or queries.  


This month we welcome Miss Stringer who is a PGCE student here on her second placement before qualifying this year. 

This month the children will be discovering all about the ancient Indus civilisation as well visiting our nearest valley of Dovedale. Weather dependant , the children will walk down the valley on a geography field trip . As always safety first and if the trip is delayed due to the weather or river levels , we’d will do our best to reschedule in the next term ahead. We also are planning to celebrate Easter with our Easter service at St James's church and learning all about our community and how we can make a positive contribution . 

Week ending 8th February

This week marks the end of our internet safety week and year 5 have been discussing the importance of passwords and keeping your passwords safe .

This week the children have been working hard towards their blue peter badge application as well as doing their termly Maths test papers. I have been delighted with the children's efforts and look forward to passing on the test scores to you at next weeks parents evening.

If you are unable to make the Tuesday appointment , I am always happy to speak to you about your child's progress at a more convenient time for yourselves so please pop into the office to arrange an alternative time. 

Homework this week is to find a picture or photograph of an inspirational leader for our class montage . Spellings are also coming home where children are asked to practise the rule for cian/tian words. Please find the link to an excellent game below and try Rule 38 !

Snowmen at night , drama, work on the barge and of course ... LEGO!!

week beginning 28th January 


This week marks an exciting week of outdoor adventures for the children . Every member of year 5 will visit the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas over the next two weeks to pay their respects to those who have sacrificed so much and to learn about British law and how it protects its citizens. 

Also this week , we have a visitor from Narconon to teach us about the dangers of drugs and the effects that it can have on your bodies .Please have discussions at home regarding what was discussed.  

Week ending 18th January 


Well that went fast didn't it?  What a busy week! 

A lovely parent has asked that we add the math antics clips to the year 5 page so parents can see which methods we are using in class. Brilliant idea!  Please find this on the starred section of the page ( just above here) I hope this helps!

If anyone else would like to request links or resources on the webpage, please do let me know. 


The week ahead sees us playing with evaporation in science for materials and investigation; the wonderful world of fractions await us in Maths and in English we are going to be putting our feet up and watching re runs of Blue Peter... Yes Charlotte , we are all going to be applying for a Purple Blue Peter Badge just like you suggested ! Looking forward to seeing you all in the morning! 

Week ending Friday 11th January


Homophones and relative clauses have been the buzz words for this weeks learning in year 5. The children have done really well in these areas and have delighted me with their efforts , even remembering the 'sticky tape' punctuation choices when adding a relative clause into a sentence. Well done year 5.

Additionally , a big WELL DONE to Dom, who has shown us some very impressive Maths work this week. You have been on FIRE young man , very well done!

Homework this week has been based in SPAG books and is all about homophones as well as home reading and of course, you guessed it TIMESTABLES!!!

Remember   is a fabulous website for running through your tables kids.


Week beginning 7th January 2019


Happy New Year ! 

A very warm welcome back to my brilliant year 5 class. I hope that everyone has had a wonderful holiday and I look forward to hearing all about it this week a so we begin our Spring term together. 

Spring term is an exciting time , full of new opportunities and activities. This half term we will be focusing on reasoning problems in maths as well as fractions , decimals and percentage . Our Science moves onto the study of materials and we continue our scientific investigation development throughout this half term.

In English , we will hone our editing and planning skills as well as using various methods of research for our non fiction writing . Just for fun we will also be looking at adapting some traditional tales to develop a unique and humourous point of view story. 

Week ending 21st December

Year five ,

what a lovely last week of term!  The children have been thoroughly enjoying themselves and their Christmas celebrations this week . The children have done a wonderful job of their Christmas wreaths and their Anglo Saxon weaving . The stars look beautiful . Well done everyone! 

There will be no written homework over the holidays , just keep reading those stories , comics and magazines and practise your time stables as often as possible on 

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to seeing you in the new year . 


Mrs Davies 

Week ending 7th Dec 

A busy week of ice skating , bowling and assessments . Mr. Corrigan who has been joining the class while on placement has now finished his teaching commitment with the class and of course we are making preparations for our school Christmas celebrations . Please remember to come along to the musical community celebration assembly on the morning of the 14th for a ten o clock start. 


Ice skating fun for Christmas trip

Still image for this video
Please see the gallery for more images from this weeks special trip.

Week ending 16th Nov


A busy week . We welcome Mr Corrigan this week who will be teaching alongside myself until Christmas.

This week , the chidlren have been developing their poetry studies , writing an acrostic poem and a kenning. Some lovely pieces here! 

Our topic work has been introduced too and the children have begun to learn about who the Anglo Saxons were and where they originated from. 

Spellings for the next weeks focus are on the homework page , please see the star link below. 

week beginning Monday November 5th 


A warm welcome back to the class after half term . For the next seven weeks our attention turns to our new topic based on the Anglo Saxons and local history links . All being well , a trip to Birmingham Art Gallery will be arranged for the children to examine primary artefacts from the Staffordshire Horde. We will also be learning about the tribes that invaded and settled here in Great Britain. 

In Maths our learning will be turning to angles , multiplication and division methods as well as data handling and in Literacy our learning will move to study poetry from the first world war as well as story writing and reports . 

Homework will have to consist of spellings ( sorry everyone!) a weekly reading book , which children will be able to choose for themselves and a specific times table to learn as this is an area of weakness for the majority of the class. Lots of work will be done on this in class time too ! 


Week ending 12th October 


Another busy week ! Children have been busy visiting the Wrekin for our topic work on Mountains and preparing for their camp next week . Some very happy campers on their way to Beau next Tuesday ! 

Please ensure that children arrive to school promptly on Tuesday morning with all their kit , remember sleeping bags and liners are provided and children may bring a pillow if they can fit it into their bag! Cuddly toys are optional :) 

For those not going to camp , a weeks worth of class based activities await them with year six . Please remember there is no school for children on Monday 15th October as this is a staff training day. 

Week ending 27thSeptember


Many  thanks to the children for some excellent homework this week. It is wonderful to see the children taking such pride in their work . Keep those spellings up , a good start by most there too ! 

This week so far we have enjoyed our Alex Echo/ Andy Warhole inspired art work and have enjoyed listening to the music of Holst and his Planets compositions . Please compare the two below , what do you think? 

Week ending 21st September 2018


Another bumper packed week this week. The children have been busy finishing off their first piece of Harry Potter writing as well as learning all about decimal numbers and counting in the powers of ten . They have done so well and we are very proud of our efforts. Their science investigation for next week is all planned and raring to go as we investigate Galileo's theory of Gravity and their first piece of pop art inspired work has been successfully completed by all. WOW! 

Well done everyone for their fantastic efforts . 

Next week sees our first class school council meeting on Monday where children will be choosing their charity for the year as well as planning their 'teacher for the day' student requested day. It will be great to see the year five family working together to achieve something to be proud of !  

Week ending 12th Sep


What a busy week it has been ! The children have shown just how incredibly talented they are in writing this week as they have begun their first piece of work based on our class novel , Harry Potter . They have all begun writing a diary page as Harry and seemed to enjoy the drama elements in the build up to their writing. Some particularly good Uncle Vernons out there. 

In addition to this , the children have also begun studying the work of Gustav Holst . We listened to Mars from his Planets compositions and discussed the elements that helped to create an overall dramatic effect. 


On Friday , the children enjoyed a trip to Brownhills CTC where they took part in workshops including English and Technology. A thoroughly enjoyable day and I’m sure we look forward to many more to come. 

Next week , we will continue to refine our writing and will be learning about Pop Art , the 1960s and how to screen print. Maths work will involve counting in Powers of ten and comparing number using < > and = . We also will study the work of Galileo and how he investigated the effects of Gravity from the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the 15th Century.

 A very warm welcome back to the Autumn term in Year Five. I am delighted to be able to teach this class again and its incredible to see how much the children have developed in the last two years. 

This week we have been mainly setting the scene for the year ahead. We have introduced out topic of Mountains for this half term as well as our chosen text in English ... a popular choice amongst the class ... Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets. 

We have also discussed important dates and sessions in our working week as well as introducing the children to a more independent way of working now that they are in the upper juniors.

It has been a wonderful first week and I know that I can trust the class to work together to the highest standards. 

Here's to a fun year ahead. 


For homework information , please see the homework star.