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Year 3

ARCHIVED PAGE - Please note that this page is not from the current school year and is therefore out of date and will not be updated.  To access up to date pages, follow the links on our home page.

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Year 3 Teacher: Miss Dyer

Year 3 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Storey

Our Topics This Year:
– Autumn 1: Stone Age
– Autumn 2: The Polar Regions
– Spring 1: Castles
– Spring 2: The Middle Ages
– Summer 1: Local History & Geography Topic 
– Summer 2: Local History & Geography Topic


Our Science Topics This Year:
– Autumn 1: Amazing Bodies
– Autumn 2: Forces
– Spring 1: Plants

– Spring 2:  Rocks and Soils 
– Summer 1:  Light and Shadows
– Summer 2: Environmental Science


Our R.E Key Questions This Year

 - Why do people make pilgrimages?

 - How do different religions use holy Buildings and sacred spaces?  

 - Why are holy books important?

 - Why is Jesus special?

We will also be studying two different religions in depth. 


*Please be aware that topics may change order throughout the year, but website will update to notify you of any changes made.

Swimming and PE:

This term we will be having weekly Swimming and Outdoor Rounders sessions in PE. Please ensure your child comes with suitable clothes for this: Black jogging bottoms/black shorts, trainers, socks, a black/grey jumper/hoodie and a white t-shirt. We may even be outside whatever the weather!


Swimming will be on a Wednesday afternoon and P.E. will be every Thursday this term.


For ease, we have suggested that all swimming kits/PE kits are brought into school on a Monday and returned home on a Friday.

* If your child wears earrings, please ensure they come with something they can store these in to prevent losing them during PE/Swimming.

* If your child has long hair, please ensure they bring a hair bobble that day.



P.E. Curriculum Coverage

*All P.E. sessions, apart from gymnastics, will take place outdoors. If the weather doesn’t allow for the session to take place, an alternative lesson will take place indoors (those highlighted in grey).




Autumn 1

Invasion Sports


Autumn 2

Invasion Sports

Agility, Fitness, Co-ordination, Speed

Spring 1

Outdoor Education


Spring 2



Summer 1

Net/Striking Sports

Net/Striking Sports

Summer 2

Athletics / Fitness Data Tasks




Homework will be given out on a Friday and will be collected in on a Wednesday, every week.  If you/your child have any questions about the homework, please do not hesitate to speak to Miss Dyer or Mrs Storey.


Homework does not need to be returned to school, as effort will be judged on each individual child's weekly spelling and times tables scores. On the homework sheet you will be informed how your child has got on. 


Every half term, the children will given a list of task, linked to our class topic. The children are asked to complete at least two tasks as well as their weekly 'Learn-It' and Spellings. A copy of this half terms' homework can be found below. 



Here are a range of suitable questions you could ask the children as part of their weekly reading.