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ARCHIVED PAGE - Please note that this page is not from the current school year and is therefore out of date and will not be updated.  To access up to date pages, follow the links on our home page.




 Mrs Rushton, Mrs Pitchford, Mrs Jones, Mrs Brandrick


Please note that there are no more swimming lessons this year.


Thank you for supporting the children at sports day!  They all enjoyed the afternoon, raced well, supported each other and looked very smart!  Well done everyone!

I hope that you enjoyed the art showcase. If you would like to purchase your child’s framed work for £3 please see Miss Bailey, Mrs Pitchford or Mrs Rushton on the door before or after school. (If you have more than one child you can take advantage of the 2 for £5 offer!)

Year 1 played the recorders beautifully this morning!  Thank you to everyone who came to support them.  They were also the perfect audience for the rest of the concert, listening carefully and applauding enthusiastically, well done Year 1!




Welcome Back to the final half term in Year One!


Well done to all those members of Year One who spoke so clearly in the good work assembly last week!  Also, a big clap to the many children who achieved their silver house point awards. 


I hope you have had a rest over half term because we have many more exciting activities planned for the second half of the Summer term, including sports day and the art showcase!


 Please note swimming will continue on Mondays and therefore the children will need their swimming kit on Mondays.  PE will continue to take place on Tuesdays however, with sports day approaching we may do extra practices outside so please send in sports kit, including trainers, on Monday and leave it in school until Friday each week so the children are prepared for any additional sporting activities.


If you have any questions please do come and speak to me.

This week in Year one we have...

Look at the amazing islands Year 1 have made!

Joey’s island has a smart sailing club.
Lennie’s island has a campsite with campfire.
You need a flying carpet to visit Lola’s island.
The airport is clearly marked on Lilly’s island.
Sharks are circling Hayden’s island.
Lewis’ island is perfect for motorcycles.
Faith’s island includes an aerial runway!
This is Jurassic World island made my Oli.
Look at the sparkly hotel on Mya’s Mermaid Island.
Visitors to Mia’s island stay in a castle.
Pirates and a giant squid guard Andrei’s island.
You can bounce all day on Oscar’s island.
Evie’s island has a treasure hunt underneath it!
There’s hotels and tents on James’ island.
Gabriel’s island is silver.
View the dinosaurs in safety from Layla’s island.
Try lots of sports on Reece’s island.
Bethany’s island has a museum and art gallery.
Rides are the attraction to Lacey’s island.
Stay in the volcano hotel on Leo’s island.
Brooke’s island has a choice of 4 beaches.
Callum’s island includes a cruise ship!
Amira’s island is a very friendly place.

We finished reading The Wizard of Oz.

Music concert

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Year one played in their first music concert and did extremely well!

We made flags, badges and had our face painted to support England in the World Cup!

We imagined we were playing for England and wrote a poem.

Previously, in Year One we have...

We made ruby or sapphire glasses.

Look at the sapphire classroom.
Look at the ruby red board.
I can see a blueberry sink!
I can see a royal blue table.
I am relaxing on a sea blue bug rug.
Is it ruby or sapphire?
I can see some teal chairs.
Even the windows are sky blue!

We learnt about American Independence Day.

We created a firework display
on the playground
with chalk.
Do you like it?
We drew fireworks with wax crayons
Then painted the sky over.
We also made fireworks in the sand!

We all made up a rhyme to help us remember the four compass points.

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Created an illustration of the Emerald City.

Drew and described how the Wizard appeared to us.

Created our very own World Cup trophies.

Made two of the characters from the book, can you work out which they are?

Learnt about the World Cup!

Made musical instruments!

Said Goodbye to one of our classmates and welcomed a new friend.

Created a beautiful ocean scene
With marine life
Sand shells and sea.
But something happened to it,
We could no longer see the beautiful animals.
So we cleared up all the rubbish.
We thought the net could be reused so we kept it.
We recycled the plastic,
Reused the elastic bands,
And uncovered the beautiful ocean.
This made us think about
What we can do to help look after the oceans.
Now the ocean scene is clean again!

Look at all our favourite teddies that enjoyed the teddy bears picnic!

Thank you to everyone who visited the Dinosaur Museum! We hope you enjoyed your trip. We had 69 visitors during our open afternoon and the most popular dinosaur turned out to be the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Year 1 enjoying a music lesson

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Production pictures and winter fun

our Diwali celebrations

Our timetable

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Links to learning websites

To help your child make the most of their learning, here are the links for some of the websites we use in school.  – website for our phonics lessons, including videos of how to say the sounds.