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Autumn Term

Year 6 Curriculum – Autumn Term


At Millfield, our curriculum is based around

 ‘Repeat, Revisit, Remember’

Instead of doing a set topic for each half term, our curriculum is designed so that we repeat topics every few weeks.


Below are some of the specific things we are doing this term in each subject



Literacy (writing)

  • ‘The Watertower’ – fantasy story
  • Non-fiction writing – Scientific experiment write up
  • Traditional tales – comparing well-known fairy stories with Russian folktales


Guided Reading

  • Comprehension skills
  • The Baking Battle (fiction)
  • An Underground City (fiction)
  • The Old Photograph (mystery story)
  • A Visit to Baba Yaga (traditional tale)
  • Dare to Dance! (information text)
  • Drive-In to 1950s America (non-fiction)
  • Inside the world of Jam (non-fiction)
  • The Great Wall of China (non-fiction)
  • Alternative Santa (poem)
  • A Trip to the Circus (poem)
  • If You Can’t Go Over Or Under, Go Round (poem)
  • The Clans (poem)
  • Welcome to York (poem)



  • - Arithmetic
  • - Times tables
  • - Varied fluency and representations
  • - Reasoning and problem-solving



  • Science is covered in a rolling schedule of eleven strands of Science (space, forces, light, sound, electricity, materials 1, materials 2, living things, plants, animals, evolution).


Topic – Geography


  • Europe

Topic - History

World War 2

  • Beginning of WW2
  • Dunkirk
  • Battle of Britain
  • The Blitz



  • Read, write and hear
  • Play and explore
  • Tchaikovsky 



  • Artist study
  • pen and ink / mixed media – Paul Kenton
  • Drawing and Sketching skills
  • Drawing faces



  • Online Safety
  • Computer science - Programming



  • Democracy
  • Staying healthy – physically and mentally



  • Invasion games
  • Dance


Design and Technology

  • Food
  • Cooking and seasonality