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Look what we've been up to February 2019

Making music - We made our own tambourines in nursery today using paper plates, ribbon and small bells! 🛎 🎵 🎶

We baked cakes in nursery today to celebrate Daisy’s birthday! 🍰 🎈 🎉

Making music - We got to make music using a glockenspiel today! We loved the sound it made! 🎵

We visited Little Aston Park for the first time today with the children. We had a lovely afternoon in the sun pushing our physical development on all the fantastic equipment! 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️

Making music - We played different musical instruments. What was your favourite? How did it sound? 🎶

Making music - We filled up bottles to different levels, then using our mallets we carefully tapped each bottle to hear the different sounds! 🎵

❣ Look at our woven heart decorations! We really enjoyed making these, choosing from different coloured hearts and wool. ❣

Valentines day fine motor activity - We made colourful hearts using spotty coloured stickers! We used our fine motor skills to peel and place them on or hearts. How fab do they look! ❣

We have been doing different activities all week to celebrate Valentine’s Day! 💓

We made a “spaceship station” using the large wooden blocks. Great team work!! 🚀

Learning new ball skills with Mr Bates in our outdoor skills lesson!

Searching for hidden goodies in the shredded paper!

Numbers are everywhere!!! We went on a number hunt around school!!

Using our fine motor skills to dig, grab, pour, manipulate and count the “sparkly treasure stones”.