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Year five curriculum mapping 


Our Literacy Genres This Year:

Autumn 1 Stories by significant authors, poetry (using personification) and newspaper reports.

Autumn 2, Setting description, non-chronological reports and eye witness reports.

Spring 1 Advertisements, , short stories, biographies

Spring 2 Debate, newspapers, poem studies( Walter De La Mere

Summer 1 character description, non chronological reports, Poetry studies (Kipling and Rosen ),

-Summer 2 -stories with flashbacks, poetry studies ( Robert Frost and Spike Milligan .) newspaper reports

Our Maths Coverage This Year:

Autumn 1 Focus on calculating (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

Autumn 2 Focus on telling the time and continuation of calculation skills.

Measuring angles, converting units of measure

Spring 1 Shape, multi- step word problems and interpreting tables

Spring 2 Fractions, rounding, checking calculations and cube numbers

Summer 1 Shape, data handling, multiplying fractions

Summer 2 Calculations method, word problems and SATS practise

Please note - CLIC is taught daily, covering a wide range of mathematical skills.

- Calculation methods, timetables and problems solving continuous.

Our topic studies this year:

Autumn 1 Ancient Greece

Autumn 2 Ancient Greece/Egypt

Indus Valley

Spring 1 Mountains and volcanos

Spring 2 Maps/Shackleton’s Journey

Summer 1 Anglo Saxons

Summer 2 Map Skills/Around the world - The World Cup 


Our science studies this year:

Autumn 1 Materials

Autumn 2 Earth, Moon and Sun

Spring 1 Forces -  including  studies of Galileo

Spring 2 Forces - including studies by Newton

Summer 1 Humans including animals - including studies by Attenbrough 

Summer 2 Animals and habitats - including studies by Attenbrough