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Spring Term

Year 6 Curriculum – Spring Term


At Millfield, our curriculum is based around

 ‘Repeat, Revisit, Remember’

Instead of doing a set topic for each half term, our curriculum is designed so that we repeat topics every few weeks.


Below are some of the specific things we are doing this term in each subject



Literacy (writing)

  • Letter writing – write a formal letter to a Historical figure
  • Diary writing – balanced argument expressed in diary entry
  • Narrative – creating and writing the ending of a story
  • Biography – writing a biography of a key figure in the history of computing.


Guided Reading

  • Comprehension skills
  • The Wizard of Oz (story)
  • The Hobbit (narrative)
  • Northern Lights (story)
  • Peter Pan (Story)
  • The Dragonfly (poem)
  • The Perfect photo(narrative)
  • Chioke’s Chance (fiction)
  • Beneath the Waves (fantasy story)
  • The Angel of the North (non-fiction)
  • The Problem with Plastic non-fiction)
  • From Sketches to Cinema (non-fiction)
  • Diving the Depths (non-fiction)



  • Arithmetic
  • Times tables
  • Varied fluency and representations
  • Reasoning and problem-solving



  • Science is covered in a rolling schedule of eleven strands of Science (space, forces, light, sound, electricity, materials 1, materials 2, living things, plants, animals, evolution).


Topic – Geography


Chile and South America

  • Earthquakes
  • Map reading – coordinates


Topic - History

World War 2

  • The Home Front
  • Kindertransport
  • Anne Frank
  • Holocaust



  • Singing and performing
  • Listening and appraising
  • Debussy



Artistic trade

  • Sculpture and Movement design – Alexander Calder

Drawing and Sketching skills

  • Drawing landscapes




  • Use of technology  - How networks work
  • Searching – How internet searches work
  • Computer science – Programming



  • Puberty and where babies come from



  • Healthy and happy relationships – in person and online



  • Gymnastics
  • Alternative sport - walking football


Design and Technology

  • Electrical systems
  • Including programming, controlling and complex switches