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Achievements in sport so far this year.



Congratulations to the tag rugby team this year. They are the current Walsall champions and will be competing in the Black Country Games in July.



The swimming team finished second in the local area competition before Christmas.



The girls team finished top of division one undefeated and are in the final of the Walsall cup.



Currently the team are undefeated in all games.


Cross country 

One of our girls was asked to represent Walsall in the district race after her performances in the league races.




Sport  Facilities for children's use.


The school currently has two junior size grass  football pitches (one of which is fenced off with a subs bench and is floodlit) and one full size netball court.  The pitches are used throughout the year and host many tournaments throughout the year.

Archery takes place in a dedicated safe area on the far side of the field.

This year we have  added  a netted grass area  which is used for tennis and cricket and blind football and outdoor dodgeball.

During the summer months, after the area football finals,  an athletics track is marked out in addition to 4 extra tennis courts on the main pitch and also a volleyball 

Throughout the year the juniors use our 6 kayaks and 4 canadian canoes on the adjacent canal.


Indoors we have our own hall which we use for gymnastics and Martial arts on our 64m2  Judo mat.


Swimming is provided in our own learner pool.

At Millfield, we make every effort to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to achieve in Physical Education. Our lessons incorporate skills sessions as well as practice of game situations.

We run a number of different school teams and encourage every child to represent the school at least once. For the past few years, our Sports Premium money has been put to great use to provide all the children with as many new experiences as possible from rock climbing to archery and judo to boxercise!

Our on-site swimming pool allows every child to swim each week and we also offer before school swimming sessions to children in Years 4 to 6. Needless to say, many of our children achieve the recommended target of 25m Swimming, years ahead of schedule.



Swimming is one of the most important forms of physical activity for pupils to learn. Not only does it give all of the health benefits provided by other sports, but it is a skill that could one day save their life.

Millfield will do all they can to support all of the children in school to leave us able to swim at least 25 metres unaided and are knowledgeable and safe around water.  The skills they acquire will give them opportunities to experience other water sports and hopefully give them a lifelong recreational pastime.