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Who's who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs Sheehy Executive Head Teacher
Mr Brazier Head of School, Deputy DSL
Mrs Stacey Deputy Head, Deputy DSL, SENCO
Mrs Anderson PSA, DSL, Swimming Teacher
Mrs Brown School Business Manager
Mrs Paddock Office Assistant
Mrs Ehlen Nursery Teacher
Mrs Sheldon Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs Beard Nursery Teaching Assistant
Miss Bailey Reception Teacher
Mr Bates Reception Teaching Assistant
Miss Dyer Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Pitchford Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mr Stacey Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Martin Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Dolman Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Van Linden Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Storey Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jones LSA
Mrs Rushton Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Dolman Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Buck Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Gledhill Year 6 SD Teacher
Mrs Bardell Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Fenton LSA
Mrs Brandrick Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hare Outdoor Education Leader
Mrs Vincent Teaching Assistant
Mr Willets Caretaker

Our Safeguarding Team are:


Designated Safeguarding Lead - Sue Anderson

Deputy Safeguarding Leads - M Sheehy, DS Brazier and A Stacey.