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School values

Our Ethos
Our aim is to prepare all the children who come to us for their future lives. We do not know what the future will hold for them; what jobs will be available and what knowledge and skills will be required to enable them to have the happiest and most successful lives possible. What we do know is that they will need to be resilient and adaptable. They will have to be able to communicate well and have good social skills. They will need to be able to use the knowledge they have in new situations, solve problems and be independent.  


At Millfield, we provide as many chances for the children to develop these skills as possible. We provide an exciting curriculum with a huge commitment to outdoor learning. We use our extensive facilities to maximum advantage. The school field backs onto a canal where children practise kayaking and canoeing. All children in the school learn to swim and can learn to play a musical instrument. We provide numerous free school visits to give the children as many new experiences as possible. 


We understand that it is necessary to provide children with the academic knowledge and skills required to enable them to be successful, and we try to do this in the most engaging and innovative ways to make learning enjoyable, so that it becomes a lifelong journey.