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Spring Term

Year 1 Curriculum- Spring term.


At Millfield, our curriculum is based around

"Repeat, Revisit, Remember"


Instead of doing a set topic every half term, our curriculum is designed so that we repeat topics every few weeks.


Below are some of the specific things we are doing this term in each subject:


Literacy (writing) 

  • No matter what
  • Retell of experience day (KS1 wedding)
  • The day the crayons quit
  • Mrs Large in Charge
  • George's marvellous medicine
  • The Twits



  • Following RML
  • Comprehension skills (CGP books)



  • Monday- Fractions
  • Tuesday- Shape
  • Wednesday- Measurements
  • Thursday- Statistics
  • Friday- Calculations
  • Times tables- 2x, 5x, 10x
  • Word problems as a class



Weekly change of topics ranging from the following:

  • Structure of flowering plants and trees.
  • Introduce the groups: carnivore, herbivore and omnivore.
  • Simple series circuits.
  • Simple properties of materials.


Topic Geography (focus on Cardiff, Wales):

  • Weather
  • Land use
  • Features
  • Map reading (coordinates)


Topic History (focus on Changes within living memory- Travel and tourism)


Music: Read, write and hear/ Play and explore

  • creating our own music with body percussion and using glockenspiels.
  • Understanding dynamics
  • Understanding tempo



  • Canal artist (roses and castles)
  • Drawing flowers



  • Freestanding structures ( teddy bear's playground)



  • Recognise different relationships



  • Digital Literacy
  • Computer science


Languages (French)

  • Greetings
  • numbers 1-5



  •  Where do we worship?
  • Do we have a special book?



  •  Skills