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Useful websites and Apps from Miss Sinclair

Fabulous Apps and websites:


Feed the Monkey: Available on both the google play store for androids and the app store for iPhone,iPads. This game is great for number recognition and counting.

Numbots: Available on both the google play and app store. You should have a login, given by Miss Bailey. Can also be played on a computer or laptop.

Chatterpix Kids: Available on both the google play and app store. Can make anything talk by taking photos and recording your own voice. Including, pets and objects.

Busythings: A website with many educational games for a range of subjects. A website where children can explore different things. For example, dinosaurs, animals and transports. The children won’t be able to read the information but they can still look at the pictures and there are also videos on there. You may need to support your child with using this one.

Cbeebies website: There are many different games and puzzles and videos on here.

Natural history museum: On this website, you can take virtual tours around the museum and there are activities that you could try together.  Children may need support with this one too.

TTS: Many downloadable PDFs containing different activities that you could do.

Pinterest: Available on both desktop and app stores. Many great activities are on here and you can search specifically for what you are looking for. However, this is not child-friendly as it is classed as social media.

Teach your monster to read: This is free on desktop version but the app isn’t. This will support phonics learning.

Educational Games-ABC Tracing Game: This is available on the app store. Children can practice their letter and number formations.

Different cbeebies apps: There are many cbeebies apps available on both the google play store and app store. They range from alphablocks, numberblocks, creative and playtime. All of these apps are very good.