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SEND at Millfield


We believe that ALL children, whatever their abilities, have an entitlement to an inclusive, accessible, broad and balanced curriculum tailored to their individual needs. Millfield School places great importance on meeting the needs of ALL children in the school and recognises that some children will require additional help to access the curriculum and to fully participate in learning.


If you have any questions or queries regarding SEND please contact our school SENDCo on 01543 452513. The following policies and reports provide key information about SEND at Millfield:


How we can support your child at Millfield


Chatterboxes Speech and Language Therapy

Chatterboxes is an independent Speech and Language Therapy company that works closely with us here at Millfield. If your child needs additional help with speech and language they are assessed by fully trained therapists and, if needed, the child receives speech and language sessions where they work towards their set targets. Parents will receive a report that tells them about the targets that their child is working on and are given advice so that they can work together with their child at home. Parents can find out more information about Chatterboxes' Speech and Language Therapy services on their website: 

Click on the ‘resources’ or ‘blog’ section for lots of fun and useful tools for parents to use.




Makaton is a unique language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate. It supports the development of essential communication skills such as attention and listening, comprehension, memory, recall and organisation of language and expression. Many children and adults use this form of communication and if you would like to find out more about it click here to be taken to the page. Your child may already have seen Makaton being used on CBeebies as it is the sign and symbol language used in the CBeebies show, Something Special

Teachers at school may use Makaton to help children to communicate if they are experiencing any difficulties. Signing can aid and develop children’s language skills, help them to understand the spoken word and help build a child’s expressive vocabulary. Our speech and language therapist, Charlotte, from Chatterboxes has made a short YouTube video that shows some of the signing that we use here at Millfield. Click here to watch the video. If you have any questions about Makaton and its use, please contact me through the school office.



School Nursing Services


The School Nursing Service offers you help to support your children with many different problems. These problems may include:

  • emotional health,
  • growing up and puberty,
  • behavioural problems,
  • toilet training,
  • bedwetting.


The School Nursing Service has created workshops, webinars and blogs in all these areas (and many more) that offer top tips and strategies that you can try at home. Providing access to the workshops and webinars in this way means that you can watch them at a time that suits you. If you feel that you need further help to support your child, there is a phone number or a text number that you can use to contact someone on the Nursing Team directly. If you would like the contact numbers and addresses, click here. Please also get in touch with us at school if you would like to talk about any of the strategies that you have tried or if you have other worries that you want to discuss further. The school's number is 01543 452513 and ask to speak with Miss Dyer.


The blogs and webinars are on the parent section of the Health For Kid's website. Click here to visit this section of their website.


Below are some of the links to the areas that you may find helpful:


Understanding Your Child's Behaviour

Click here for the web page

Click here for the workshop


Supporting Children with Special Educational or Additional Needs

Click here for the web page


Understanding Your Child's Emotions

Click here for the workshop, Emotional Health Workshop: supporting your child's health and wellbeing. 


Toilet Training Workshop

Click here


Bedwetting Workshop

Click here


Adult Resilience Program

The School Nursing Service also delivers a program that helps adults to improve their skills to cope more effectively with challenging situations. The program shows you ways to help reduce stress and anxiety and improve self-esteem and confidence. If you would like to take part in the 5-week program contact 01922 423349 or email


The letter below gives you more details about the program:


Websites that you may find useful - click on the logo to visit the website:


BBC Bitesize Parents' Toolkit

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities advice, resources, activities and support for you and your family.



NHS Health for Kids 

This website is full of useful information about physical and mental health for both children and parents. The adults' site gives advice on healthy bodies, healthy minds and health issues. The kids' site addresses themes such as health, fitness and illnesses.                                                     




Walsall's  Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information and Advice Support Service (SENDIASS)  provides free and impartial support to children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), and their parents and carers.



We provide online, printed and helpline advice on education, benefits and finances, childcare, social care, medical information and more. 



Autism West Midlands

This website offers advice and support for families and carers of children on the autistic spectrum.  





ADHD Foundation

Get advice and guidance on helping your child manage problems and difficulties. This website offers support to young people and adults. Click here to read a parent/carer booklet about 'Understanding and Supporting Your Child's ADHD'.




Young Minds

An A-Z that gives you advice on how to help your child with specific mental health conditions, and life events which might be negatively affecting their wellbeing.

This parents' guide provides information to some common mental health conditions, how children and young people can cope, and where to go to get help. Some of the themes covered include: anxiety, self-esteem, social media and gaming.














Facebook Pages - that offer information, interactive sessions and webinars: