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Tuesday 14th January - Marilyn came from Snuffles Hedgehog Rescue Centre.

Marilyn told us lots of important facts about hedgehogs 🦔  - they can't see very well, but their hearing is really good. They can mosly be seen at night-time, but if you do see a hedgehog in the day it means there could be a problem, so ring the rescue centre for advice. Although hedgehogs like to eat most things, in the wild their favourite foods are worms, caterpillars, beetles, slugs, earwigs, and millipedes.

When hedgehogs get frightened they roll into a ball tucking in their head and legs, but sticking out their spikes.

We touched scrubbing brushes using the back of our hands to imagine what an hedgehog’s spikes might feel like.

She bought a hedgehog called 'Pete' for us to see, he had been in the rescue centre because of breathing problems but was better now, and ready to go back into the wild.

Everyone had a great time learning about hedgehogs, and Marilyn was super pleased with the food donations, thank you everyone.