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Look what we've been up to October 2019

We baked cakes in nursery for the first time today! This was to celebrate Xzayliah’s birthday. We put a candle in Xzayliah’s cake so we could all sing Happy Birthday to her! 🎂 🎶 🎈

Friday 11th October- Dane and Lisa from the rspb came to talk to us today. Dane read us a story called ‘A home for ladybird’. We really enjoyed the story with some of us getting the opportunity to put on a finger puppet - either a ladybird, spider or a bee!! (Mrs Ehlen said she’s going to buy some for us).Dane told us that insects have 6 legs and it is an insect. We counted 8 legs on the spider, and Dane told us it is an arachnid!! He said the most important thing to remember is not to stamp on bugs but to respect nature.

We have been exploring the different textures and smells of oranges, lemons and limes in our water tray today. We scooped them up using nets. We made “soup, sandwiches and pies” We thought they all smelt “nice” and felt “squishy” 🍋

We have been mark making on our new boards using the “special pens” ✏️

We have loved playing in the lentils today! We buried our hands, let it sprinkle like rain, filled our big pots and small pots, scouped, poured and made lots of sprinkly mess! 🥄 🤚

Fine motor activity- We have been trying really hard to screw the nuts onto the bolts using our fine motor skills!

We have been getting creative, making lots of lovely pictures using a selection of different resources! ✂️ ✏️