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Look what we’ve been up to October 2018

We had a visitor in nursery today, Mrs Brandricks tortoise Alfie! 🐢We fed him dandelion leaves, they are his favourite.🐢

We baked cakes in nursery today to celebrate Joey’s birthday! 🍰🎉

Tuesday 16 October - Mr Bates showed us how to stretch, and taught us a new game - everyone made a tail with the bibs, If we hadn’t got a tail we had to chase our friends to get one!!

Tuesday 16th October - Everyone enjoyed the building site in the black tray!!

Planting daffodil bulbs ready for Spring!!!!!

Getting creative outside with the chunky chalks! 🌈🖍

We have been reading the story Walters Wonderful Web. The story talks about the different shapes Walter makes when trying to build his web. After reading our story one of the children brought in a “hexagon shaped spiders web” for us all to play with “because this shape wasn’t in our story”. 🕷 What fun we had trying to get the flies to land in the centre of the web! 🕷 🕷

We made our own Hedgehogs in nursery today, just like Hovis the Hedgehog in our story, 🦔

We enjoyed a short skills lesson today by our PE Apprentice Mr Bates. This is a lesson where we focus on our physical development. First we did some stretches to warm up followed by a bean bag challenge! Who could get the bean bag in the hoop? Was it easier to stand closer or further away from our hoop? 🏃‍♀️

Mark making ✏️

We have been counting, fishing, and scooping pom poms into our jugs! How many do you have? Do you have lots? Who has more?

We have read the stories Hovis The Hedgehog and It Was a Cold Dark Night. We have been doing lots of different activities in nursery based around our stories 🦔

We have been making our Christmas cards (yes, we know it’s early) 🎅. The Christmas pictures that we have been making of The Three Kings are for parent/Carers to order. These pictures can be made into glossy Christmas cards with envelopes, mugs or gift labels by a company called Cauliflower Cards. If you are interested, look out for your order form. These will be sent out within the next couple of weeks! 🎄

The children watched with amazement at the diffusion of the red food colouring in the water!

We have completed our second yoga lesson in the hall today. We have already improved so much in a week! This in an excellent way for us to improve our balance and coordination . 🧘‍♀️

We have been building and creating 2D and 3D shapes using these amazing magnets. We made “rockets” “ladders” “bunny rabbits” “boxes” “aeroplanes” and many more fab creations!

2nd & 3rd October. Tuesday and Wednesday this week we welcomed Oliver and Lily-Mae to nursery!

Mrs Anderson brought some different things into nursery she had collected from the Isle of Wight. We got to explore the differentt textures and smells of them! Some were slimey, some were sticky, some were smooth and some were rough. Our classroom smelt just like the seaside! 🏖

We have our own fairies in the sand. We have made fairy gardens, made up stories and enjoyed being imaginative with our friends. 🧚‍♂️

We have been exploring the texture of lentils. We’ve been sprinkling, pouring,counting and spooning the lentils into different sized containers!

We have been making our own fairies using the playdough! We made them really pretty and sparkly by adding sequins before adding them to our fairy garden. 🧚‍♀️