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The Nursery Curriculum Spring 2017

Nursery Curriculum Autumn 2017


Prime areas of Learning


  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The focus for this area will be: sharing, waiting patiently for a turn, continue making relationships with other children, and adults, developing their independence at home and at nursery.


  • Physical development

Developing fine motor strength and skills through a range of activities, which include using scissors, hole punch, hammers, pencils. We will be encouraging children to use a variety of mark making resources i.e chalk, crayons, felt pens to develop their hold and control.


  • Communication and Language Development

In order to develop relationships with staff and peers communication is the key. We will continue encouraging the children to talk both individually and during circle time. we will be introducing children to new words, rhymes and stories.


Specific areas of Learning


  • Mathematics

We will be counting every day to 20 and beyond, we will also be developing number recognition.


  • Literacy

The children will be bringing a story book home on Friday for you to share. We are spending more time focusing on one story and concentrating on learning rhymes.


  • Understanding the World

Your child will continue to take part in Woodland Wednesday sessions, this is and ideal chance for them to explore the natural world, and experience the changing seasons. (click on link on main page)


  • Expressive Arts and Design

To use our imagination we will be providing different items of clothing and drapes for the children to dress up in, adding to this as the children's interests develop.

The children will begin to mix paints of their choice.