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Times Tables

All children, parents and carers should now be aware of the Multiplication Tables Check that is statutory from June 2020. Children will complete the check within a three-week-window starting 8th June. We will be practising in class however, children would benefit from also rehearsing them at home. To enable you to support your child with times table practise, I have listed the tables we will be focusing on in class each week. 


Spring 2

Week 1:  5x and 11x                                  Week 2: 3x

Week 3:  4x                                              Week 4: 6x

Week 5:  8x                                              Week 6: 12x


Summer 1

Week 1: 3x and 6x                                     Week 2: 4x and 8x

Week 3: 9x                                                Week 4: 7x

Week 5: 12x



Links for useful websites that have a format similar to how the multiplication tables check will look can also be found below: 

Useful website to practise times tables:

In addition to using times tables websites, other fun ways to rehearse multiplication facts at home can include:


Climb stairs counting in multiples
Play verbal times tables games
Listen to and learn times tables songs
Take it in turns to say different times tables in funny voices (i.e. say 2 x 3 = 6 in a lion’s voice)