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Welcome to Year 6

Teacher: Mrs. Buck

Teaching assistant: Mrs. Gledhill


Read through our diary... it shows you all of the exciting things we get up to in Year 6. Timetables, homework information and kit lists can be found towards the bottom of the page.



Teacher for the Day 12.12.18

There was a new teacher in Year 6 today. One of the Year 6 pupils got to be teacher for the day and what a great job he did of it!

The children wrote a descriptive piece and a brochure this morning for Literacy and in Maths the children plotted coordinates using negative numbers. During the afternoon, the children completed their art assessment of sketching Christmas baubles. Well done, Mr. B. What a good job!

Christmas Skating and Bowling 07.12.18

Action packed day, today. We started at the ice rink in Tamworth's Snowdome before lunch and then went bowling before heading back to school. There were a few bumps and bruises but no broken bones! The photos show that we all enjoyed our Christmas treat.

Internet Safety 07.12.18

The children enjoyed an internet safety assembly first thing this morning. It detailed how they need to act whilst on the internet and what safety precautions they can be taking.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Christmas Fair Day 30.11.18

The big day is here! Year 6 have been brilliant today. They have worked hard all day helping to set up the fair. As the photos show, they have been pegging out nets, decorating areas with tinsel, setting up the games on the stalls, arranging the flags for the football tournament and generally making the area into a very special place.

Stallholders that came to the fair later that day even commented on how well-mannered and helpful you all were. Well done, Year 6.

Christingle 30.11.18

The children also got to make their own Christingle this morning where the lighted candle symbolises Christ as the light of the world.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Fairy Door Competition 29.11.18

The Year 5 and 6 children have been busy decorating their Fairy Doors to put in the Fairy Grotto for the Christmas Fair. They look brilliant - the children have worked hard on them today and have been helping each other to make the Fairy Gardens in our Wild Area.

Colour to Commemorate 23.11.18

The children have entered a challenge to illustrate a poetry book to commemorate the centenary of the RAF. The Remember RAF100 poems written by children's author Jim Eldridge commemorate pilots from the First World War. Some of their designs have been sent to be judged. All of the designs are amazing - take a look.

Checkmate 20.11.18

A game of skill and forward planning. Those that enjoy the game of chess teach the others how to play.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Care and Compassion 20.11.18

The children listened to the story by The Open A Book Group from St James' Church in this morning's assembly. The children were asked to think how they can show care and compassion towards their school mates both in and out of school.

Picture 1

Remembrance Billboards 06.11.18

If you happen to be driving through Birmingham and see some of the year 6 students looming down from one of the city centre billboards..don't be surprised! We were invited to take photographs whilst holding the name of a serviceman who had been killed during WW1. Have a look at the photographs we took standing next to our canal boat.

BBC Live Lesson 09.11.18

Children in Year 6 took part in the BBC's Live Lesson this afternoon. At the end of the 35 minute programme they had each written a haiku about William Harold Coltman, the WW1 soldier fromStaffordshire that they had researched during our topic lessons. The children found some of the video footage heartbreaking.



Remembrance Poems 09.11.18

Year 6 have worked hard writing poems based on their learning about World War One. They got to read them out in our Remembrance Assembly on Friday. Well done Year 6, they were very poignant.

Using Masking Fluid 26.10.14

Today, we painted a winter's scene using masking fluid to mask the area on the roofs where the snow lies. The children applied the masking fluid on the cottages and then were able to use watercolours to paint the picture. We sprinkled the sky with salt to give a cloudy, unsettled effect.

When the masking fluid was dry and the painting completed, the children rubbed off the fluid to reveal the white paper underneath which gave the impression of snow resting on the roofs of the cottages and letterbox.

Finally, the children carefully removed the masking tape from around the edge of the page to reveal a white border giving their work a more finished, framed look.


The Saltmine Show 26.10.18

The children sat and watched the production put on by Saltmine Productions. They loved it!

Picture 1

Canal and River Trust 25.10.18

The children were visited by the CRT volunteers today. The volunteers delivered two workshops where the children experienced being a toll keeper and how boaters used to be charged to travel the canals depending on how much weight they carried. The children also learned about how the cargo was loaded so that the most money was made.

Christmas Silver Birches

We used masking tape to leave the silver birches' trunks. We then used the edge of a credit card to put the black marks on the bark. They look really effective and should make stunning Christmas cards this year.

RAF Aeroplanes go on Show 24.10.18

The aeroplanes that we decorated in commemoration of the RAF servicemen that were killed during WW1 are now on show at the RAF Museum, London.

The Name Your Plane exhibition is now open for public viewing at the RAF Museum, London.  The 4,805 planes decorated by schools and community groups all across the United Kingdom are exhibited in the First World War hanger of the museum and will be open to the public until 20 November 2018.  The museum is free to enter and opens at 10am each day.  Here is a photo of the team installing the planes.

Harvest Festival 12.10.18

The whole school walked to St James’ Church this morning for a Harvest Festival service. The children had brought in food to make up a food basket.

The Year 6 readers were great. They were very confident and everyone remembered their words.

Circulatory System 01.10.18

We've been talking about our circulatory system and how blood is transported around our bodies. Click on the heart to take a look at this short video. It explains the process really well. heart

A Magical Moment 28.09.18

Daniel's resilience and determination has paid off as he is now a fully fledged bike rider! Well done, Daniel. It feels great to master something, doesn't it?

Since returning from camp, Daniel has worked tyre-less-ly (every pun intended) through his morning and lunch time brakes (and again) so that he can become a bike rider and take part in the outdoor mountain biking sessions. He is so proud of himself...and rightly so. This is just a sneaky peak of him 'wheelie' showing off!


Still image for this video

It's a Carbon Copy 28.09.18

The class have completed their versions of The Guernica using sketching pencils and so we are working on an alternative piece which instead of being black and white will be very colourful.

They used carbon paper to copy the outlines of Picasso's images that make up The Guernica, a resource that nowadays, with computers and printers, is scarcely used. 

Loading the Boat 27.09.18

The volunteers from the Canal and River Trust joined Year 6 this morning to run some workshops. The children made their own cranes with gears, pulleys and string to investigate the effort needed to raise the cargo onto a canal boat.

They also investigated acidic and alkaline conditions and so understood a little more of what has to be done to our canal water when it is heavily polluted with acids and alkaline. 

Stunning 25.09.18

The whole school have now decorated a flag in Remembrance of the fallen in WW1. They are all on display at The National Memorial Arboretum.

Picture 1
Picture 2

The National Memorial Arboretum 19.09.18

We've taken part in Flags for the Fallen today at the arboretum in Alrewas. Each child has decorated a flag and dedicated it to a serviceman who was killed during the war by writing his name, regiment and date of death on the reverse. Lots of flags have already been placed on the huge outline of the UK and they make a very poignant display. 

The children also visited lots of other memorials that are on site including, 'Shot at Dawn' which tells the horrific facts about soldiers that were too scared to obey orders; 'Every Which Way' which is a beautiful bronze sculpture that depicts child evacuees; and the Armed Forces Memorial which holds over 20,000 names of servicemen that have been killed since the end of WWII. There was also a new memorial which has been created by the families of the servicemen. A sea of poppies covers the grass and each one has an inscription; the children spent many moments looking through these and reading the heart-felt comments.

If you get the chance try to visit the arboretum as they have some great activities going on, especially leading up to Remembrance Day and Christmas.

A Week at Beaudesert Camp!!! 10th - 14th September 

Read on to discover what an adventure it was...

Awwww! It's the last day 14.09.18

Another day of hard work as the children need to break camp. After a continental breakfast, bags have to be packed, the tents have to be taken down, the store has to be emptied and the site needs a litter pick...all before we're allowed in the shop.

We arrive back at school in the afternoon with just enough time to unpack the minibus...and then it's home to a nice, hot bath!!!

Riding or Walking??? 13.09.18

It's leftover omelette day, today! Another great success!

Breakfast turned out to be bacon, sausage and kebab omelette today...and it was delicious! Obviously, for those that did not fancy this, there was cereal (as there had been every day).

Some of the group walked to Birches Valley today and the others rode the mountain bike trails.

The walking group started at the Cannock Chase War Cemetery and then visited the German War Graves. This was to remember the servicemen who had given their lives for the life we have today. The photos show the children laying the wreaths that they had made at the grave of the serviceman they had been researching. The CWGC Web site had allowed the children to find the plot and grave reference number for their serviceman and so today it was very meaningful for them to actually find that grave and pay their respects.

The bikers and walkers swapped over after lunch and a play on the park and then it was time to return to the campsite.

The last night was potato night and again the children had decided what to cook to go with their potatoes so there was corned beef, stewing beef and Quorn chicken on the menu.

Wednesday in the Woods 13.09.18

It's sausage and eggs for breakfast this morning. What a way to start the day!

By just looking at the photos you can see that the children took part in numerous activities today. The shelter on the campsite would make a great addition to our own school grounds so the children begin designing a shelter that they could build back at school that would have great eco credentials (and also not cost much!)

Who can split the log? This children could not resist this challenge. With a sledge hammer and grenade the children's resilience was tested as they took it in turns to hit the grenade into the log to split it for firewood. It took a while but they succeeded.

We'd brought some willow from school so we made wreaths using natural materials to lay at the Cannock Chase War Graves on Thursday. This was lovely and relaxing as by this time the sun had come out and we were all in t'shirts. 

After foraging for blackberries, the children peeled apples and stewed them both together over the rocket stove. Delicious for tea, with honey to sweeten and custard. Cabbage was chopped and carrots grated so that the children also had homemade coleslaw to eat.

Dancing was next on the agenda. The children showed off their dance moves and routines and sang songs from the recent production of Aladdin.

Tea was a huge success. It was rice night, tonight and each group had decided what they wanted to cook so we had lots of different dishes, including: peri-peri chicken, chicken curry, chicken and rice with peas and sweetcorn and tuna and rice.

Toasting marshmallows, a visit from Mrs. Davies and the bottle game, meant they were well and truly ready for an early night.


Swinging in the Rain 11.09.18

After a good night's sleep, it's a wet start to the day but that does not deter the children. The rope swing is a real hit and there's always a queue to use it. 

The children cook their own bacon sandwiches on the rocket stoves this morning and do their own washing up in teams. 

Exploring the campsite gives them chance just 'to be' and spend time with their classmates; it's not long before they find a secret den with another swing and thousands of hidey-holes and woodland creatures.


For lunch, they prepare their own wrap and we eat all together before walking up through the campsite to the bike track. In groups, the children take it in turns to practise their bike-riding skills as on Thursday there's a chance to ride the bikes on the mountain biking tracks between Birches Valley and Marquis Drive.

Let the Adventure Begin! 10.09.18

Day 1 of our adventure. The walking group set off from school and head along the canal to Chasewater where we stop for lunch and a play on the park. They follow their route by OS map and carry on walking through Chase Terrace, where we met up with the camp helpers group, over Gentleshaw Common and finally (approximately 5 hours later) they arrive at Beaudesert Outdoor Activity Centre.

The camp helpers had been busy on site as the store tent had been set up, the equipment had been unloaded and the shelter had been organised.

The next task for the children was to decide where to pitch their tents and then it was on to preparing tea. The children had designed their own menu as part of the pre-camp preparation back at school so all they needed to do, after putting up their tents, was to gather their ingredients, light the rocket stoves and begin to cook!

After a short night walk, the children were ready for their beds.

Guernica by Pablo Picasso 07.09.18 

Probably Picasso's most famous work, Guernica is certainly his most powerful political statement, painted as an immediate reaction to the Nazi's devastating casual bombing practice on the Basque town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War.

Guernica shows the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts upon individuals, particularly innocent civilians. The children studied the scene and thought about how Picasso represented pain and suffering through his use of humans and animals. 

The photos below show the children working on their own versions of Guernica using their new sketching pencils to perfect the different shades in the picture.


RAF100 Name Your Plane 06.09.18

2018 is the centenary of the formation of the RAF and the children have been invited to commemorate the service people who were killed during WW1 by decorating aeroplanes. These aeroplanes will be added to a national art installation called 'Name Your Plane' that is being organised by The Big Ideas Co. To find out more about other projects that The Big Ideas Co are involved in, please click the link.

The Big Ideas Co

The finished aeroplanes look amazing and it gave the children a real opportunity to reflect on how brave the members of the RAF in WW1 were. We will be taking part in lots of remembrance activities and are hoping to lay a wreath at the Cannock Chase War Cemetery next week whilst we are at camp. Have a look at the photos that follow.



It's that time of year again! We're working on improving our arithmetic scores so we're practising addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages and fractions.

If you want to have a go at home follow these links and let me have your answers at school. Good luck!











Area of 2D shapes

We've been learning how to find the area of squares, rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, trapeziums and circles. There are many different formulas to learn and remember.

Have a look at the Powerpoint to remind you of the formulas for finding the area of a triangle and a parallelogram and then have a go at the questions on the following documents. 

Here is a sheet that has the formula for finding the area of a trapezium and some questions to test your understanding.
This is getting difficult! Have a go at finding the area of a circle. 

It's assessment time

Try these questions at home in the lead up to our assessment papers. Click on the date for each new set of questions that we have looked at in maths.

Tuesday 4th December - Venn diagrams

Wednesday 5th December - Coordinates


We've recently put the finishing touches to our biography of Lance Corporal William Coltman and we're now working on a descriptive piece of writing. We've taken our inspiration from another short story from Hereabout Hill by Michael Morpurgo called 'The Giant's Necklace'. 

We're describing the dramatic change in weather from the calm, sultry afternoon to the tempestuous early evening storm. Watch this space for our work to appear!


We have read another short story by Michael Morpurgo called, 'The Giant's Necklace'. The story is also part of the collection of short stories in the book called Hereabout Hill.

The story tells of how Cherry collects hundreds of cowrie shells to make a necklace that is large enough for a giant to wear. The problem is she is so determined to find the shells she doesn't see the approaching storm...

 Image result for hereabout hill by michael morpurgo


World War 1 and the RAF

Wow! Our first few days in Year 6 have been busy ones as we have started our WW1 topic by posing questions that we would like to find the answers to; visiting the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website to research soldiers that died during the Great War; and decorating a commemorative aeroplane that will become part of a national art installation to commemorate the service people of the RAF.


Later on this month we will be taking part in the 'Flags for the Fallen' art installation that the National Memorial Arboretum are hosting. The children will get the opportunity to decorate a flag and place it on a huge map of the UK. Go and visit to see the flags from Millfield. Click on the links to find out about all of the exciting activities available at the NMA. 


RAF Cosford will also be visited as part of our topic work. The museum is a fabulous place to visit and the children get the chance to get up close to the aeroplanes they have been finding out about.


Animals including Humans:

In our first topic we will learn about the circulatory system and how its different parts function together. Our bodies are amazing and we love to find out about how it works.

Click on the following address to take you to the BBC Bitesize website where there is an activity and test relating to the circulatory system. There are also interactive videos that show how the blood is pumped around the body.



Also within this topic we will explore the effect of diet, drugs, lifestyle and exercise on our circulatory system and general health.

Follow the link to have a look at SATs questions relating to this topic:

Everything else you need to know about year 6

Homework is usually handed out each Thursday and is expected to be returned completed by the following Tuesday (Wednesday at the latest). Those children that do not meet the deadline can complete their homework in ‘homework catch-up sessions’.
All of the children know that if they have any problems with their homework they can just ask for help.

PE kits:

The correct school kit is:

White t-shirt

Black shorts

Black sweatshirt (can be zipped)

Black jogging bottoms (in winter)


Year 6 will have PE on a Tuesday afternoon and a fitness session on a Friday morning so please make sure you have the correct kit with you. If you are a member of the school's sports teams you may need your kit at different times. It is the best policy to have a clean kit here at school at all times and then you're ready for any impromptu sports lesson that may occur!


Critical Skills Classes

By the end of Year 6, children should have mastered the critical skills involved with swimming which include: being able to swim 25 metres, being competent at two different strokes, having the ability to float and tread water and knowing the rules associated with swimming in swimming pools and open water.

To enable them to accomplish these skills Year 6 will have swimming lessons each Monday afternoon from October half term until Christmas.

Fun Sessions

Children are invited to a fun session in the swimming pool every Wednesday morning at 7.30am. During these sessions they can play with the floats, balls and woggles and splash around as much as they like!

For all sessions in the school pool children must have the appropriate swimwear on - tight fitting trunks for the boys (no baggy shorts) and a full swimming costume for the girls (no bikinis). They are not allowed in the water wearing any jewellery and they must wear a swim cap at all times. Children can only wear goggles if they have a medical need which is supported by a letter from the medical profession. 


Outdoor Education:


At times during the weekly timetable, we will spend time outside learning and working in our amazing school grounds. For this reason, it would be ideal to have an outdoor kit here at school at all times. This can be a warm change of clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. We have wellies for children to borrow at school, however, you are always welcome to bring your own.
As part of our curriculum Year 6 children continue to develop their kayaking, canoeing, hill walking and orienteering skills throughout the year. Whatever the weather – we’re out there!!
Hill walking:
Year 6 children have the opportunity to go long distance walking – both for pleasure and fitness purposes. The school offers every child a set of waterproofs, thermals, fleeces, walking boots and even a rucksack!
Kayaking and Canoeing:
At different times throughout the year (to be arranged) you are almost certain to find a small group of Year 6 “messing about on the water”. Of course, we have fully trained staff to oversee every session.
We have an outdoor orienteering course in our very own wild area which children get to use a s part of adventure days and outdoor learning sessions.

Mountain biking:

Recently the school has purchased a number of mountain bikes that the children can use on a daily basis at lunch time or as part of a programme to gain their bicycle skills certificates.

Rocket Stove Cooking:

Not just at camp! The school have 5 Eco stoves that the children can cook on.