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500 words. 


Year five are very excited about the Radio 2 short story competition , 500 words. At the moment children are busy reading and reflecting on their own ideas for their short stories. 

To continue reading winning entries for fun , please move over to the stories area on the radio two webpage linked here


A very warm welcome back to the Spring term here in year 5 and hello to all of those parents and carers who I have not yet had the pleasure to meet . I will be taking the class for the remainder of the academic year and am very much looking forward to working with the children in year five . 

From what I already know of the children they are a talented bunch and I am very much looking forward to unlocking their potential during the rest of the year. 

I hope to be able to keep our school community informed with what the children have been up to during the course of them term on our class page . Please pop back regularly to see what the children have been working towards and of course if there are any special events on , the details will always be on the webpage. 


For now , please note the changes to the timetable below. PE will now be held on Friday afternoon and Swim sessions for invited pupils are to be held on Wednesday morning . Please ensure that if your child cannnot take part in their physical activity sessions ,that you inform me in writing or by phoning the office. Unless we are notified, all children will take part in a daily fitness activity. 

year 5 at work

Please see below for an insight into our studies in the first few weeks in Science, Maths and Writing 

long division example for homework help

long division example for homework help  1

Place Value to 100000 3 03 SD

Find hundreds more math tutorial videos at! -

Galileo's Famous Gravity Experiment | Brian Cox | BBC Two

You probably know that two objects dropped in a vacuum fall at the same rate, no matter the mass of each item. If you've never seen a demonstration of this, then you really should, because it's incredible to watch. Here is perhaps the perfect example, brought to us by physicist Brian Cox.

Galileo's Battle for the heavens

Our class timetable


Topics covered in Year 5

Year 5 is such an exciting year, with some really interesting topics and lots of new skills to learn. If you’re interested in what we’ve been up to and what we will be studying this year, please click on the links below:

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