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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Mrs Davies , Mrs Brandrick and Mrs Dolman 


A warm welcome back to the summer term here in Year five . This term the children will be continuing their thematic approach to their learning . This half term the children have asked if we can read more David Williams in class so we are going to be reading the delightful text, Mr Stink .

The children have talked about homelessness as part of their discussion groups during the last half term and have decided that they would like to actively do something to try to make a difference. As such we will be spending a lot of time talking about issues facing homeless people and how charities can help. The children have asked if they can fund raise so they will be planning their own events and activities over the half term . 

In addition to this our learning also leads on to learning about the Anglo Saxons in history and Living Creatures in science which the children will develop their own question walls for in the first week back . 



Year five poetry reading


Year five so far have been emersed with poetry each afternoon after lunch. The most recent poet we have been enjoying is the one and only Rudyard Kipling of Jungle Book fame. Discussions on the poem ‘if’ and ‘ the smugglers song’ were well developed by the children. Please enjoy the clip below for our most recent poem. 


Smuggler's Song by Rudyard Kipling (read by Tom O'Bedlam)



Each week the children will be given homework on Thursday for its return on the following Tuesday . Homework club is available for any children who need additional help each Tuesday afternoon where I will make myself available for additional guidance sessions. 

Homework will consist of:  

spellings to learn 

home reading book 

reading task to develop looking for meaning

maths task for applying calculations to reasoning . 


If there is a reason your child can not complete their homework , please do let me know so I can support them further in the classroom. 



Our class timetable


Topics covered in Year 5

Year 5 is such an exciting year, with some really interesting topics and lots of new skills to learn. If you’re interested in what we’ve been up to and what we will be studying this year, please click on the links below:

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