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Welcome to Millfield Nursery Class!

About our Nursery


Mrs Ehlen

Mrs Sheldon

Miss Lewis (apprentice)

The Nursery Sessions

We are now able to offer 30 hours provision for children, whose parents are working, to check your eligibility log onto

For children who attend for 15 hours - Nursery starts at 9.00  and finishes at 11.30. If you have older children at the school please drop them off first then bring nursery children into school, when collecting please collect nursery children first!!

For children who are eligible for 30 hours - Nursery starts at 9.00 and finishes at 3.15 and children need to bring a packed lunch.

It is important to collect your child on time as they may become upset if nobody is there to collect them on time.


If you have any concerns about your child in nursery please speak to either Mrs Ehlen or Mrs Sheldon. It is often possible to see us briefly when you bring your child in, but please make an appointment if you need more than a few minutes.


Please let a member of staff know if someone other than yourself will be collecting your child.



Please make sure your child has a spare set of named clothes in their drawer,  we use our outdoor environment every day in all kinds of weather  the children do get wet and muddy, the children are more comfortable being able to change into their own clean/dry clothes.



Home link

Home link is a simple way to keep you informed about what we get up to doing our busy sessions. Books will be sent out on Thursday, please return them by Tuesday. If you want to tell us anything, or celebrate something your child has achieved please record it in the book.



The Nursery Curriculum

Our aim is to provide a secure, happy environment in which children can build meaningful relationships through a broad and balanced curriculum enabling children to develop knowledge, and a life long love of learning.

Young children learn from everything around them: the people, the environment, the atmosphere, the routine and experiences, all of these make up "the nursery curriculum".


The children are encouraged to be confident, independent learners. During each session the children will participate in “free flow” – enabling them to move freely between nursery, reception class, and outdoors. This valuable time enables all children to develop relationships with all Early Years children and staff.