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Magic Breakfast

Millfield Primary School, with the support from the Magic Breakfast Foundation and the Department for Education offer a breakfast bagel to every child coming to school each morning, ensuring that no child arrives at school feeling too hungry to learn.


We realise that most of our children are provided with a healthy breakfast at the start of each day, but over half a million children in the UK arrive at school having not had enough to sustain them through until lunchtime. This impact of this has been proven to be the equivalent of children missing half a day of education each day.


The option of your child having a bagel each morning is purely at your child’s discretion and it should be noted that this is a supplement to, and not a replacement for, the children’s breakfast that they have at home with you each morning.


Bagels are warmed freshly each morning and delivered to your child’s classroom. There is no charge for this to parents as it is a charity grant-funded scheme.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact school.