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At Millfield Primary School our aim is that every child will enjoy and achieve to the very best of their potential  within the subjects they learn. Within Literacy we have adopted an approach to our teaching and learning that fully engages the children with inspiring resources and exemplary teaching.



From the first formative years in Foundation stage children are taught to read using RML, a nationally recognised scheme, which delivers phonic teaching of letter sounds and blends in a fun and practical way. The scheme progresses through key stage one where upon the children are confident and happy in tackling more challenging and advanced texts. Within Key stage two reading steps up another gear in guided reading sessions which ensure that each and every child is heard reading by the class teacher at least once a week in order to guide the children through the higher order reading skills necessary to read and infer at an increasingly higher standard.

As part of the home school agreement , children take home additional reading materials to share learning with their family each week and a record is maintained which shows how the children are progressing . The school has been fortunate enough to have been able to purchase new and engaging home reading books as well as having a state of the art library which children can use either under the direction of their teacher or during lunch time and play time breaks.




As we take a thematic approach to our curriculum we carefully plan a selection of texts in which we base our writing on each term . As a professional body we find that not only engaging pupils with a text inspires their learning but it also enriches other areas of the curriculum bringing much more worth to the learning experience as a whole. Within Literacy lessons children are introduced to a wide range of genre and are given the guidance necessary to create meaningful ,  thought provoking work. Through personalised provision, children are given clear guidance as to how they can improve their work in the future and all children throughout the school have personal learning targets to achieve to the best of their capability.


Assessment in Literacy

Within Literacy the children are individually assessed in Reading and Writing using our own assessment stages .This is an on going assessment which shows a true picture of the child’s abilities at any stage throughout the year. Unlike some other schools, here at Millfield we pride ourselves in completing detailed individual assessments for every child and reporting to parents three times a year or more on the progress their child is making . If you would like to discuss your child’s attainment or find out how you can help  your child at home , please come in and see your class teacher or attend one of our parent information evenings which are held throughout the year.