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Upper Juniors

Year 5 and Year 6 develop their canoe skills leading to more advanced journeying along our canal and river network and move onto Kayaks.  The orienteering skills learned in years 3 and 4 are developed into more advanced navigation exercises. Children being expected to read 1 to 25000 maps with regard to landscape and features.  Children should, by the time they leave us, be able to relocate to a 6

 Figure grid reference and navigate using a compass.    Group hikes gradually increase which culminated last year with the top group completing an16km hike over Kinder Scout.  

Millfield Primary have to say a big thanks to the M6 Toll  Midland Expressway, who through their schools foundation scheme have provided us with the much needed resources to allow our children to experience a wide range of adventurous activities.  They have provided us with many of the Canadian canoes and Kayaks and most recently have equipped us with camping equipment.

Year 6 July 2016

Year 6 July 2016 1
Year 6 July 2016 2
Year 6 July 2016 3
Year 6 July 2016 4
Year 6 July 2016 5
Year 6 July 2016 6