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Art and Design

 Art and Design Technology Curriculum 


Each year group will be allocated 3 pictures to base their art work around.  They will also be given the key teaching points for their year group.  This is to be seen as the minimum amount to cover and it is expected that teachers use their creativity to expand the children’s art experience.



KS2 are timetabled for at least 1.5 hrs of Art per week and KS1 are timetabled for 4 hrs every 2 weeks.   Early years will continue to fit the art into their normal timetable.



Work should be displayed in class where possible.  At the end of the year, each child will put their best piece of work into the school art exhibition during sports week.  As the children get older, they will be encouraged to become more involved in the mounting and presentation of their work.


Assessment and records

An electronic record will be kept of individuals work on 2simple and examples of class work recorded in the school art book.  From an early age children should give and receive constructive criticism of their work.  Work should be judged against the ‘wilf’ that was set for each piece of work.  At the end of the year, children will be graded as to whether they are  Emerging, Expected or Exceeding the expectations for their year group.

A bank of art resources will be built up over time to help in making this judgment and will be re-evaluated each year.

Art Showcase 2019

Design and Technology:


All classes are expected to complete a minimum of 3 specific  ‘design and make’ activities throughout the year as a minimum. They should include a food, a materials and a traditional structure task. Skills acquired within DT should be applied across all areas of the curriculum.

Last year, Year four designed and made their own P.E. bags after testing different materials to see which would be the most suitable.

D&T WOW Work!